Track Your Minutes!

Track Your Minutes!
Are you reading? Whether you're at school or at home, be sure to track your minutes. Each month we highlight our top reader. Be sure to check out this months winner!


The importance of reading:

1.       Reading can make you smarter! Yes. Reading is a very active state exercise for your mind as opposed to watching TV or listening to music. Reading forces your brain cells to engage in activity as you paint a vivid image in your mind about the story that you are reading. Your Brain is also a muscle which must be worked on a regular basis as this will keep your mental faculties constantly engaged and thus keep you sharper and smarter. 

2.       Read can improve your vocabulary! If you are a regular reader, you are bound to come across books from different authors. Keep a dictionary handy. If you come across a new word you didn't know about, look it up in the dictionary. Keep reading new books, new genres, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Give yourself some variety and you will pick up some new words each day. Like antidisestablishmentarianism.

3.       Reading makes you knowledgeable! Okay this one's a no brainer. Reading does make you knowledgeable. The more you read, the different books you read, each time you are adding valuable pieces of knowledge to your mental database. The most successful people in many walks of life are people who love to read. Isaac loves to read! 

4.       Reading boosts creativity! Creativity is not weird. It’s cool. Reading makes you creative and allows you to paint a visual picture of what you’re reading. Try to draw a story of the chapter books that you’re reading.