Read Today & The Governor's Summer Reading Program

The Governor’s Reading Program and the Read Today Summer Reading program are joining forces to create the summer’s best Reading program. Sign up below to stay updated and get your Summer Reading Tracker emailed to you. Schools that receive Deseret News 123 Connect will receive a Summer Reading Section in their classroom.


“When we read our brains translate the descriptions we read of people, places and things into pictures. So before you go play outside, read a book. You’ll be surprised with what your imagination comes up with. Read this summer and join us for a fun night with the Bees Baseball team!”

— Deanie Wimmer
“Welcome to the 2016 Summer Reading Challenge. The First Lady and I love to read, as it opens up a world of adventure. We invite you and your family to visit your local library this summer to read and learn together.”

— Governor Gary Herbert
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